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SCE Home Energy Efficiency Rebate Program

AC Pro is proud to be one of the participating distributors of the SCE HEER Program

Program Overview

What is HEER:

The Home Energy Efficiency Rebate Program is a new incentive program from Southern California Edison. The purpose of the program is to work with distributors to incentivize consumers to purchase certain energy efficient products and thereby reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

When does it take effect:

The program is in effect now and will continue until 3/31/2021 or until funds are exhausted, whichever occurs first.

The program budget is $15M and it's awarded on a first come, first served basis.

What are the requirements:

  • Product must be installed in the SCE zip-code territory and end-user must be a SCE customer.
  • AC Pro is requiring Contractor's SCE HEER Training certification on file to participate.
  • Products must be AHRI Certified and meet SCE product efficiency requirements.
  • Products must be installed within 30 days of purchase.

SCE Territory

SCE Territory Map:


Check a zipcode:

The qualifying system must be installed within SCE's service territory and the end-user must receive electric service from SCE; this includes single-family, multi-family, and mobile home.

Check your installation zipcode here (please note this zip code check process only qualifies the SCE territory, you will need to confirm the end-user receives electric service from SCE):

Enter Zip Code

Zip code 11111 is not in the SCE area and is not eligible for the SCE HEER rebate program.

Contractor Certification Required

Certification Training:
Learn about Southern California Edison’s new Home Energy Efficiency Rebate (HEER) program. This program provides discounts on qualifying equipment to installation contractors, who in turn pass on the savings to SCE consumers. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to increase your sales of qualifying mini-split and heat pump systems!

This training is required to participate in the SCE HEER program. To have your account certified, your company’s owner or designated SCE contact must complete the training and fill out a one-time acknowledgment form. The form will be distributed upon completion of the training.

Our certification training is available at your convenience. Classes are held completely online and are designed to fit your schedule. Use your computer, tablet or mobile phone to access the training and get certified today!

30 minutes

HEER Qualified Products

Heat Pumps

Up to $400 per ton on qualifying models*

* Qualifying products must be AHRI certified “Heat Pump and Heat Pump Coils” systems with qualifying SEER and HSPF.

SCE Qualified Heat Pumps

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Up to $700 per ton on qualifying models*

*Qualifying products must be AHRI certified “Variable-Speed Mini-Split Heat Pumps” systems with qualifying SEER and HSPF.

SCE Qualified Minisplits

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Homeowner Referrals

If you're a homeowner interested in our SCE HEER Qualified Product, AC Pro is happy to refer you to a contractor in your area by calling 800-800-4121 or visiting our Contractor directory:

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Questions? See below FAQ's

FAQ - Product

What is HSPF?
HSPF is the acronym for Heating Seasonal Performance factor. The HSPF for a system is found on the AHRI Certificate. It is the measurement of efficiency for the heating output of the system of the heating season to electricity used.

Will this apply for equipment that we have in inventory at our shop?
Unfortunately, pre-purchased equipment does not qualify. At the time of purchase, AC Pro (the distributor) will need the end-user information so that the rebate can be applied at the time of purchase. In the case of multi-family we will also need the authorization number. Please see the guidelines on Multi-family rebates.

Will you supply all the AHRI's for the units?
Our systems matchups that qualify are noted as eligible within the Equipment guide and also online. The qualified systems ratings along with AHRI certificates have been approved by the SCE.

What types of systems are eligible?
Heat pumps and variable speed mini-splits (both single zone and multi zone) based on defined efficiencies. Please refer to the appropriate AC Pro Equipment guide for specific systems that qualify.

How is a system qualified for the incentive?
A system is eligible only as a qualifying system AND when the installation address is known and provided at point-of-sale.

When does the system need to be installed?
The qualified system MUST be installed within 30-days of purchase.

How does the end-consumer know that the system is an SCE-qualified system?
The contractor is to explain the incentive and should show the incentive as a line item on the end-consumer invoice for the SCE discount.

Are there any ducted minisplit matchups that qualify for this rebate?
Yes, please refer to the equipment guide or online store for the qualifying matchups.

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FAQ - Rebate

FAQ - Program General Q's

FAQ - Certification

FAQ - Product